Wednesday Night Connexion
Wednesday Night Connexion resumes September 5th!
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Classes for Adults:
Methodism: Back to Basics
To the Church of God in Corinth
Gardening with God
Information Security
Every Man a Warrior
Disciple Bible Study Fast Track
WNC Meets on Wednesdays as posted.
Meals 5:30-6:30
Classes 6:30-8:00 
depends on class
All Children or youth classes end at 7:30. Disciple and Praise Band are later. 
Burks United Methodist Church
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WNC is:

Wednesday Nights with Church family at Burks UMC

~Important time for coming together in a faith community
~Groups for all ages exploring a wide variety of topics, four semesters a year. 
~Tasty Food
Freshly prepared affordable meal
Greeting our friends and making new ones, being a part of something that makes a difference in your life and that of others
~Missional Opportunities
Periodically a mission project will come to WNC and you will have the opportunity to participate in a hands on event to help our neighbors both here and around the world
Wednesday Night Connexion 
 A place you can call home and change your midweek experience! 
 Adult Class Options:
Each semester of WNC (4 per academic year)  is offering a variety of Biblically based classes for adults. A few classes, such as Disciple, will participate on a different schedule due to the nature of the curriculum.  Check  this page for current classes offered Each Semester
What are people saying about WNC?
“Can’t wait to be back at Burks on Wednesday nights with my friends!”
“Thank goodness we have a meal option that is so delicious and affordable!”
“There are so many interesting classes it is hard to know which one to attend!”
“Love it that my children and my teen have their own classes so I can have some time to attend my own! “
Taught by: Rev. Dr. Tony Collins

This course will look at the first letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians. It is one of Paul’s greatest letters, dealing with many issues with how the church of Jesus Christ can be empowered to the work of the Kingdom. We will use the scripture as our primary text, along with some extra resources. This class will last for ten weeks.

Taught by:
Rev Beth Sullivan
Ever wonder what makes Methodists different from other denominations? Do you wonder how or why we make decisions in the church? Why do we have so many committees? Come and learn more about the roots of Methodism and why we do the things we do.
Taught by:
Elaine Edwards

This fast track study will take you through the entire Bible. Attendance during the 24 week study is important for you and the entire group. Elaine is an excellent teacher of Disciple. She facilitates great discussions that help us to see the overall theme of the story of God’s love for us. If you have never done a serious Bible study, this is a great place to start.

Taught by: Kathy Nieman

Many of us have been victims of various types of computer problems. Some of them may have just been casual annoyances, but some may have been very expensive and threatening cases of identity theft. Kathy Nieman brings her extensive knowledge to help us know how to protect ourselves from these kinds of attacks. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a computer expert to learn what she has to share.

Taught by: Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols once again will bring experts in the field of gardening and landscaping to help you learn all of the things you have always wanted to know about how to care for God’s beautiful creation.

Taught by: Jim Lane and Friends
This Bible Study for Men is designed to help men come to a closer relationship with God. It also teaches us how to work together to be accountability partners. Emphasis will be placed on how to pray for change in our lives.  
  known as
Jam and Jelly Sandwich:
A fun name for Our WNC Nursery for our smallest friends, 2 months  up to age 3, with activities, loving care, and friends! Three year olds are invited to Jam and Jelly!!
Jam and Jelly:
Jam: Jesus and Me,  is the children’s ministry of Burks UMC, for children PK -Grade 5, and is directed by Mrs. Jessica Brackett 
There will be 3 classes on Wednesdays
– Pre- k class begins at age 3
– K -2nd Grade Class
-3rd-5th Grade
Meets in the JAM room from
6 PM-7:30 PM 
Youth Connexion:
a Dialogues:
Recommended for ages 14-19
We turn conflict into community with this topical small group focused on Global issues and how they relate to local communities – all from a Biblical conversations allowing their opinion to be heard and respected, ultimately turning conflict into community.
Youth Connexion:
(yes it’s spelled correctly)
Recommended for Ages 11-15
Allows students to discover the history and richness of Old and New Testament using proven learning methods. Youth will enjoy a curriculum that offers theological depth with thought-provoking questions, surprising insights, and punchy graphics which make learning about the Bible fun.
Chancel Choir: 
The Chancel Choir performs at the Liturgical Service which regularly is held at 9:00 AM on Sundays, and performs on high holy days when special worship is held. The Chancel Choir is open to all interested singers, and weekly rehearsal is one of the options at WNC. Burks is planning an orchestrated Christmas Cantata, and rehearsals for that will begin September 10, continuing most  Sunday afternoons at 4 PM. If you sing you will love participating with this choir! 
Praise Team:  Rehearsals for the Band or Praise Team happen at 7:30 on Wednesday nights in the Sanctuary. Those with a love for contemporary Christian music and the ability to share that gift with others Are welcome to speak with Matt Kelly, Minister of Music. Any singer or musician is welcome to participate in the band in some Way, principal singers will be auditioned. special music is also welcome. 
Handbell Choir:
The Burks Handbell Choir
is directed by
Mrs. Linda Conigilio. They perform several times a year and each event is made special by their talent. The ability to read music is required, and the group is in need of additional members to increase their repertoire
Meals at WNC:
A Freshly Prepared Hot Meal by Burks’ hostess, Mrs. Brenda Hobbs. 
The Meal line opens at 5:30 and will serve until 6:15 PM. Programming begins until 6:30 PM. 
One Meal: $7.50
Family Maximum Charge
Click Here to link to My Gifts page where you may set up your payment conveniently online. If you choose to pay by the meal, you can select Text Opt In and you can pay by text at WNC. Payment at the meal is also available by Square, cash, or check.