Wednesday Night Connexion
Come for fellowship and fun! If you want to register to be a part of the show contact the front office!
Delicious food and great talent!
This will be the closing of WNC for the summer! Get ready to jump in with classes in September 5th!
WNC is:
Wednesday Nights with Church family at Burks UMC
~IMportant time for coming together in a faith community
~Groups for all ages exploring a wide variety of topics, four semesters a year. 
~Musical opportunities
Chancel Choir, Praise Band, Handbells
~Children’s Ministries
Jam and Jelly Sandwich Nursery
Jam and Jelly for 4 year olds through 5th grade
~Youth Ministries
Confirmation for Middle School and seeking minds
Burks YOuth Connexion Study for older youth
~Tasty Food
Freshly prepared affordable meal
Greeting our friends and making new ones, being a part of something that makes a difference in your life and that of others
~Missional OPportunities
Periodically a mission project will come to WNC and you will have the opportunity to participate in a hands on event to help our neighbors both here and around the world
Wednesday Night Connexion 
 A place you can call home and change your midweek experience! 
 Adult Class Options:
Each semester of WNC (4 per academic year)  is offering a variety of Biblically based classes for adults. A few classes, such as Disciple, will participate on a different schedule due to the nature of the curriculum.  Check  this page for current classes offered Each Semester
What are people saying about WNC?
“Wednesday Night Connection is a great time of friends, fellowship, food, and learning God’s word. I encourage you to be a part of this!”~WNC staff member, LW
“With life’s stress and struggles and rushing it is wonderful to have a mid-week reminder to take time and think about our Lord and His Majesty around us. This fellowship time is priceless and this time grounds me for the rest of the week until we meet again. ~ WNC Regular KF
“The fall WNC class I attended helped me prepare for Advent. It was a special time with a special group of ladies. Because of this class, I had the best Advent season ever with my family!” ~WNC participant BL
Adult Class Offerings
The Anatomy of Peace:
Leader: The Rev. Dr. Tony Collins
Jesus and his earthly ministry
This class is watching the movie Jesus. While we move through the ministry of Jesus we take stops through the bible and examine other scholarly resources. Join us for fun and learning.
Facilitators: Susan and Rachel Collins
Every Man
a Warrior
This second book of the Every Man a Warrior series will focus on the way that man relates to God, as the foundation for of his other relationships. The men teaching this class are excited to share their experience and show the way through this curriculum for a closer walk with Christ in everyday life. 
Leaders: Dave Bruggink and friends  
Youth Class: Let’s Talk!
The class will meet in room F to discuss a new issue of faith or morality each week in a non-cumulative format. This class is perfect for visitors or youth who attend sporadically.
Disciple 2:
This is a continuing study of the book of Luke and Acts. It is a deep exploration of the work of Jesus Christ in the early church.  Meets from 6:30 to 8 PM
Leader: Mrs. Elaine Edwards
Jam and Jelly Sandwich:
A fun name for Our WNC Nursery for our smallest friends, 2 months  up through Age 3, with activities, loving care, and friends! 
Director: Mrs. Laura Wilson
Meets in Nursery
Jam and Jelly:
Jam: Jesus and Me,  is the children’s ministry of Burks UMC, for children PK -Grade 5, and is directed by Mrs. Jessica Brackett 
Even though we all hope to live long lives on earth, we will all leave the earth someday. shows kids that the Bible tells us that death isn’t the end of our lives—in fact, it’s really the beginning! We’ll live forever with Jesus in a place that’s so wonderful we can hardly imagine what it’s like. Right now, we can start preparing ourselves for an endless future with God.
Meets in the JAM room from 6 PM-7:30 PM 
Youth of all ages may participate in Credo Confirmation. We especially encourage middle school youth to participate in this experience! Credo is a program that takes Confirmation beyond the walls of the classroom and emphasizes our Christian story, the beliefs and traditions of the United Methodist Christians, and the vows young people may take if they choose to be Confirmed.  
Leaders: Mike and Susan Acuff
Meets in Burks Activity Center Room J
upstairs from 6:30-7:30 PM
This discussion series is geared towards older teens. What does it mean to follow God? What do I do, how do I act, what does it mean? Let’s be in conversation about this, let’s get real.  #seriousaboutourfaith
Leader: Mrs. Casandra Karl, Youth Pastor
meets in Burks Activity Center Room H upstairs from 6:30-7:30 PM
Chancel Choir: 
The Chancel Choir performs at the Liturgical Service which regularly is held at 9:00 AM on Sundays, and performs on high holy days when special worship is held. The Chancel Choir is open to all interested singers, and weekly rehearsal is one of the options at WNC. Burks is planning an orchestrated Christmas Cantata, and rehearsals for that will begin September 10, continuing most  Sunday afternoons at 4 PM. If you sing you will love participating with this choir! 
Praise Team:  Rehearsals for the Band or Praise Team happen at 7:30 on Wednesday nights in the Sanctuary. Those with a love for contemporary Christian music and the ability to share that gift with others Are welcome to speak with Matt Kelly, Minister of Music. Any singer or musician is welcome to participate in the band in some Way, principal singers will be auditioned. special music is also welcome. 
Handbell Choir:
The Burks Handbell Choir
is directed by
Mrs. Linda Conigilio. They perform several times a year and each event is made special by their talent. The ability to read music is required, and the group is in need of additional members to increase their repertoire The rehearsal setting for Handbell Choir will be set at an informational meeting on September 6 at 7 PM in the choir room
Meals at WNC:
A Freshly Prepared Hot Meal by Burks’ hostess, Mrs. Brenda Hobbs. 
The Meal line opens at 5:30 and will serve until 6:15 PM. Programming begins until 6:30 PM. 
One Meal: $7.00
Family Maximum Charge
Semester Single Meal: $30.00
Semester Family Meals $ 95.00
Click Here to link to My Gifts page where you may set up your payment conveniently online. If you choose to pay by the meal, you can select Text Opt In and you can pay by text at WNC. Payment at the meal is also available by Square, cash, or check.
Watch this post for photos of the great events happening 
WNC Begins 
Spring Semester:
April 11- May 16
Talent show & summer send off!
March 23rd
WNC Meets on Wednesdays as posted.
Meals 5:30-6:30
Classes 6:30-8:00 
depends on class
All Children or youth classes end at 7:30. Disciple and Praise Band are later. 
Burks United Methodist Church
For More information contact 
Administrative Assistant