Parents Morning Out Program
Tuesday and/or Thursday Classes Available for PMO
 9 AM – 2 PM
Laura Wilson
Classes for children
6 months-Age 3 
Parents Morning Out Fee Schedule:
One Day Weekly    $65 per month
Two Days Weekly   $ 120 per month
Summer Classes available
Pack your child’s lunch, and please
send a water bottle. Snack provided
Burks UMC Parent Morning Out Program
Please Contact Laura Wilson, Director, for a time to come and tour our bright and engaging facility, and to discuss your child’s needs and engagement in our program! 
 Our Recycled Art Projects
Parents Morning Out is often the first program a child attends away from home. It is our goal that this is an exciting and loving time for your child, and that you will feel that they are enriched by spending time in the Burks PMO with qualified staff. 
What fun things can your child expect at Parent’s  Morning Out
-Age appropriate class setting and developmental milestone enrichment
-Chapel with Burks UMC ministry staff BiMonthly
-STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) hands on experiences
-Outdoor Play in this Gold Sneaker facility
-Loving and nurturing care in program protected by the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church Safe Sanctuaries Policies and Procedures
-Hands on Crafts and learning
-Lots of Good Times with new friends
-Ability to transition into Child Care at program end time until pickup is available as prearranged with Ms. Wilson. Early drop off can be arranged. All these options have a fee schedule, Please consult the CDC office. 
Burks UMC Parent Morning Out